88 PPSh's in Tu-2 Gunships!

Tupolev returned to the idea of gunships in 1947. A few Tu-2s were fitted with RShR-57 antitank guns and this system proved to be more successful than ANT-29, although the aircraft was not put into production. Another approach was used on Tu-2Sh: the pallet containing 88 PPSh submachine guns (infantry weapon) was fitted into bomber's bomb bay. Each submachine gun had its own drum and was aimed to fire at 45 degrees downwards. Although the practical use of this kind of system was very doubtful, the Tu-2Sh foreshadowed the AC-47 "Puff The Magic Dragon" gunship developed much later in the USA.   Sources: Soviet X-planes by Yefim Gordon and Bill Sweetman

by James F. Gebhardt.
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—RPK74 .
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AKM poster
SKS poster
Makarov poster

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