This has been reproduced from "The Official PPSh-41 Submachine Gun Manual" translated by Major James F. Gebhardt, U.S. Army (Retired)

Chapter VI

To load the drum magazine, one must: 1.Remove the cover: a) holding the magazine in the left hand, press the magazine latch knob upward from the bottom with the middle finger, and with the thumb of the right hand rotate the cover latch approximately 90 degrees; b) holding the magazine in the left hand, as shown in figure 56 , remove the cover with the right hand.
2.Tighten the magazine spring (Figure 57): take the magazine in the left hand, and with the fingers of the right hand, grasp the dogs of the drum and tighten the spring by rotating the drum counter-clockwise. You should hear eight audible clicks during this process.

When tightening the spring: a) do not release the drum until you have heard the clicks; b) ensure that during the drum's first rotation, the follower slides through the internal course of the volute chambers, and the chambers themselves remain immobile (if this caution is not observed, the cartridges from the inner chamber will not be delivered). 3.Load cartridges into the magazine. Take the magazine in the left hand, tilt it slightly, and load 71 cartridges along the entire length of the inner and outer courses of the chambers. 4.Release the drum. Taking the magazine in the left hand, with the right hand slightly rotate the drum counter-clockwise. Pressing with the middle finger of the left hand on the magazine latch knob, release the drum, putting the cartridges under pressure of the spring.
If any cartridges have dislodged upward, push them back down level.
5.Install the magazine cover. Press the magazine latch knob upward to stop and secure the cover with the latch. Notes: 1. Magazines are fitted to submachine guns. Therefore, one must check the serial number on the cover and body of the magazine with the serial number on the submachine gun. 2.If, after tightening the spring, the need arises to release it, hold the drum in the right hand and release the spring gradually, one-fourth of a turn at a time. If the spring is released all at once, the limiter gate of the volute chamber [this is a gate near the mouth of the magazine that allows the follower to pass from the inner course to the outer course] might be struck and broken or bent.
To load the column magazine, one must: 1.Grasp the magazine in the left hand with the mouth upward and the lug to the left, with several cartridges in the right hand. 2.Holding the next cartridge by the thumb and index finger of the right hand on the projectile and shoulder of the case, press down on the follower with the cartridge rim and insert the cartridge under magazine lips with pressure of the thumb on the case shoulder. 3.Pick up the next cartridge in the same manner, and placing its rim on the cartridge just inserted into the magazine, insert this cartridge under the magazine lips. 4.Load 30-35 cartridges into the magazine in the same fashion. A special tool (Figure 58) can be used to load cartridges into the column magazine. This tool is fastened to the mouth of the magazine, with its opening toward the front. When loading a magazine with this tool, position a cartridge in front of the plunger, and push the cartridge in the magazine downward by pressing on the plunger. The free cartridge can then be slid position under the magazine lips.

Copyright 1996 James F. Gebhardt

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